The install can be strapped to the mast with Velcro or sustained on top from a mounting hole. The place works wonderful with a set of Comet BNC-24 or other 2m antennas in the straight configuration for 2m SSB and also CW. The high quality of the suit will certainly vary between antennas as well as the length of feedline.

I love rummaging through our regional dollar store. Among the biggest deals in our neighborhood buck store is audio speaker cord. You can obtain 50 feet of two-conductor audio speaker wire for a buck. I constantly maintain a lot of right stuff handy for antenna testing. This moment out, I intended to develop something much more intricate than a random wire.


You need to recognize the regularity of the station, which you can learn by calling the station or doing a web search. If you understand the real channel number, you can use the suitable formula below. This antenna is optimized for a single network, though it will certainly typically work acceptably on others. Design it for the signal that is giving you the most trouble, and also possibly it will certainly function well for the remainder.

Mike, K8MRD, did an excellent video revealing the PackTenna End-Fed Half Wave antenna in action. Mike is running from the park with a Yaesu FT-891 running 90 watts right into the antenna. Shane KD9NJJ included the new PackTenna End-Fed 20/40m Fifty percent Wave antenna on his Scout75 YouTube network. Shane puts the antenna to the test working stations on 20m and 40m with his FT-891. Ace Incentives members are qualified to receive cost-free delivery on orders of $50 or more.

Post Mount

From the signal report the last terminal provided me, this antenna appears to do fairly well with DX on 20M running QRP. It was a chilly and gusty day, so I didn’t avoid there to pursue contacts on various other bands. For my first tests, I made use of a 28-foot Jackite post to support the antenna. I only partially-extended the pole, such that the bottom of the antenna was about 4 to 5 feet off the ground. I made use of some nylon twine and also a number of tent stakes to tie off both bottom edges. Different the 35.5-foot end of the speaker wire right into 2 separate cords.

Well then, look no further as your search landed you in the right area. Thank us later on for conserving your time combing hundreds of posts on-line to try to find the most effective item. According to Doug’s book, this sort of antenna ought to function well on the basic frequency and also higher. For the next band listed below the basic, he recommends attaching the feeder cables together and using it like an arbitrary cable. wire antennas store I figured I ‘d just try filling it up as is to see what takes place.

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